The SIM 8-01 Development System boards were purchased by Static Devices Ltd back in 1973 and used to develop and create a computer control system called the CP-9000 by Static Devices Ltd. The SIM 8-01 system was first introduced in 1972, it was the first use of the 8 bit Intel 8008 central processing unit. We have only just recently managed to get the MCB8-10 control chassis to make the system complete.

The MCS-8 microprocessor consists of the MCB8-10 mother board, a SIM8-01 CPU Board, and a MP7-03 EPROM programmer. An external power supply providing +5V, 0V and -9V is required.

The SIM8-01 CPU board holds 1kByte of RAM using Intel 1101 256×1 RAM chips, and space for 2kBytes worth of EPROMs using Intel 1702 chips using 8x IC holders.

An extract from the manual:

The 8008 is a single chip MOS 8-bit parallel central processor unit for the MCS-8 micro computer system. A micro computer system is formed when the 8008 is interfaced with any type or speed standard semiconductor memory up to 16K 8-bit words. Examples are INTEL's 1101, 1103 (RAMs), 1301, 1601, 1701 (ROMs), 1404,2401 (Shift Registers).
Make & ModelIntel MCS-8
CPUIntel 8008
Speed0.5MHz (Variable)
Power+5V, 0V, -9V
Exhibit No.1357

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