The Toshiba BC-1611 is a Nixie Tube calculator built in 1969. It is a basic calculator with decimal point locator switch. It is much reduced in size from other calculators of the same age due to its use of a large diode array, replacing the need for more expensive transistors and their support components. Its miniture Nixie Tubes also allows 16 digits to be displayed. Unfortunetly this BC-1611 became damaged during delivery.

In 1972 the BC-1624 calculator cost DM 3,895. Converted to 2019 prices this is £5,370 (€ 6,200). It would be reasonal to assume that the BC-1611 calculator would have cost around the same price.

According to the Rechenkasten website, the BC series all suffer from a bad Nixie Tube capacitor. These are the row of orange caps in front of the Nixie Tubes. Replacement capacitors with at least 250V working voltage is highly recommended.

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