The Synertek SYM Model 1 is a single board computer, and designed to be very versatile, allowing the user to make use of its IO and expansion ports. The SYM has 1k RAM standard, but is expandable to 4k. It can use 8k of ROM.

The SYM is very similar to the KIM-1 computer, and is designed to be like-for-like compatible, with the advantage of better expansion options. The SYM was built in 1978, and cost $269 with manuals. That is $1,040 (£790) in 2019.

It comes with three interval timers available to the user, 1k of RAM on 2114 chips, expandable to 4k on-board. the 4k ROM for the Resident Monitor, and three ROM/PROM expansion socket for the user to add programs. These will take 2316/2332 and 2716 EPROMs.

Standard Interfaces included an Audio casette recorder with remote control (135 Baud which is KIM-1 compatible, 1500 Baud high-speed). Full Duplex 20mA Teletype interface, System Expansion bus interface, TV Controller board interface, and a CRT Compatible interface (RS232).

There is an Application port with 15 bi-directional TTL lines for user application, with expansion capability for added lines. Expansion port for add-on modules, with 51 I/O lines included in the basic system

Expansion options include the Expansion Kit at $75, which is $290 (£220) in 2019. This gives 3k extra RAM and the expansion board with a 6522 I/O chip. Further expansion is available with an 8k BASIC ROM for $159 which is $610 (£460) in 2019, and a TV Interface Board for $349 or $1,350 (£1,025) in 2019.

Other expansion cards and devices available are:
VAK-1 Motherboard (As used on the KIM-4) with 8x slots $129
VAK-2 16k RAM Board with 8k RAM $239
VAK-3 Extra 8k RAM for the VAK-2 $175
VAK-4 16k RAM Board with 16k RAM $379
VAK-5 2708 EPROM Programmer $269
VAK-6 EPROM Board (holds 8k) $129
VAK-7 Floppy Disk System (TBA Feb ’79)
VAK-8 Prototyping Board $49
VAK-EPS 5V 10A PSU $125
KCP-1 5V 1.2A & 12V 0.1A (KIM-1 & SYM-1) PSU $41.50
VCP-1 5V 1.4A (SYM-1) PSU $41.50

Make & ModelSynertek, SYM Model 1
Generation4th Generation
Power5V @ 1.4A
Exhibit No.1308

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