Psion produced a large range of hand-held micro computers designed for use in commercial and industrial applications, such as stock taking etc. The Organiser II, introduced in 1986, was designed with the commercial office and businessman in mind. It was considered as a computer version of the Filofax, and is considered to be the first electronic organiser.

The Organiser II had either 8 or 16kB of battery-backed RAM, and two expansion slots which could be used for a variety of expansion options. This Psion has a futher 32k of RAM, and “Travel Pack” software, which contains tools for Language Translation, World Dialling Codes, Weight & Measures, Clothing Sizes, Currency Conversion, World-Time Clock, Expense Recording, Itinerary Recording and Profile Entry.

See Jaap’s Website for an extensive insite into the Psion organisers.

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