The Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P computer brought some new ideas to the home computer. For a start it is the first single-board computer produced, having the PSU, CPU, RAM, ROM, IO ports and keyboard all on one board. The Ohio Scientific also used custom-made IC’s to utilise the job of a handful of basic logic chips. This meant that instead of 5 to 10 IC’s taking up half the circuit, these were replaced by one similar-sized IC to do the same task. This resulted in a compact computer for its time, reducing the cost while retaining the versatility.

Several versions of the Ohio Scientific were available. The Challenger 1P was a complete computer, ready to plug in and go. This cost $349 in 1978 with PSU, which is $1,349 (£1,025) in 2019. The same computer was available as the Superboard II, comprising of the complete computer with keyboard but without a case or PSU. This cost $279, which is $1,079 (£820) in 2019.

The Superboard II consisted of 1k dedicated Video RAM allowing up to 256 x 256 resolution. A 53-key keyboard with upper and lower case characters. Machine code monitor and I/O utilities are built into the ROM.

Available extras included 24k RAM expansion, dual mini floppy drive interface, port adaptors for a printer and modem, an RTC and also had the option of OS-65D v3.0 development orientated operating system. The system with floppy drives sold as a complete computer for $1,190 in 1978, later dropped to $995 in 1979 with 12k RAM, boasting to be the first floppy drive computer system for under $1,000.

Make & ModelOhio Scientific – Challenger 1P
Generation4th Generation
RAM & ROM4k Static RAM and 8k BASIC-in-ROM
Power110V 2A or 5V at 3A
Exhibit No.1307

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