The “Chas” board by LJ Electroncis is an evaluation board based on the Motorola 68000 CPU. It is designed to allow the user to test circuits to a CPU and check they preform as they should. This allows easy checking of designs prior to production.

Given the date on the IC’s, this computer is from 1995. It has a floppy drive controller, keyboard, video output, RS232 serial interface, Centronics interface and many other IO capabilities. Two additional EPROM IC holders are abailable for extra programs.

Make & ModelLJ Electronics “Chas”
CPUMotorola 68000
RAM & ROM64k RAM, 128k ROM
Exhibit No.1345

This photo was provided by Binary Dinosaur. It is a LJ Electronics “Carl” computer – another evaluation board which is suspected to be an earlier version for the Motorola 68000.

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