Librascope General Purpose 30 (LGP-30) “Eurocomp”

This computer was first introduced 1955 and was designed by Stanley Frankel, there were approximately 450 LGP-30’s made in the USA and 45 machines produced in Europe by “Schoppe & Faeser” under license and sold under the banner Eurocomp.

There were also two numbering schemes one for the European units and one for the units made in the USA, this particular computer is number 40 and was made in 1963. it would be one of the last LGP-30’s ever made.

The LGP-30 cost around $47,000 USD in 1955, which adjusted for todays prices is $440,595 USD (£340,600 GBP) according to 2019 inflation. This was considered to be an inexpensive computer.

At 360kg you don’t want to be dropping this on your foot, and the 1.5kW power meant it would keep the room nicely warm. With a clock cycle of 120kHz you may have to wait a while you all your mathematical answeres, but it was better than working them out yourself.

The computer was first used by Materials Testing-Insurance Institution of Stuttgart University and later at the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Filderstadt.