The Jupiter ACE is a cheap home computer, designed to rival the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and cost even less. In 1982 it cost £89.95, which is £340 in 2019 ($450). It is believes around 5,000 ACE computers were sold until Jupiter Cantab ceased trading.

The ACE did not use BASIC as most other home computers did, instead it used FORTH. This used commands such as IF-THEN-ELSE, DO-LOOP, BEGIN-WHILE-REPEAT, BEGIN-UNTIL, along with standard mathematical operators.

The Display was memory-mapped to 32×24 characters with a built-in UHF TV Output. Sound was provided by an internal speaker. The keyboard is a rubber membrane with conductive pads, much like a TV remote control.

Make & ModelJupiter ACE
CPUZilog 80
RAM & ROM1k RAM, 2k Video RAM, 8k ROM
Power9 Volts
Exhibit No.1310

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