The IBM Logic Training Aid was designed to teach people how to build and test circuits using basic logic functions.

This training aid has the ability to use IBM’s Tube Modules as well as Transistors. The Tube Module shown in the photo is an IBM 304994, as used in the IBM 604 Electronic Calculating Punch . This tube, a Double Triode, was first produced in 1951. This puts the technology before IBM’s first Electronic Computer (April 1952). This makes this Logic Trainer the oldest piece of electronics we have in the collection.

The Transistor datasheet has a printing date of 24th May 1956. The Blue Transistor IBM Type 58 has a date code of 216, that is 21st week of 1956. This puts the week of manufacture from the 21st to 27th May 1956, only 9 years after the transistor was invented. What is more, this transistor is 2nd Generation electronics, and is potentially older still than our 1st Generation computers (The EE Deuce’s 1956 date is an educated guess).

The tube modules are (as far as can be seen):

CF-5: Cathode Follower
DS-1: ?
DS-5: ?
IN-1: ?
IN-3: Inverter
IN-5: Inverter
IN-13: Dual Inverter
IN-34: ?
PS-25: Power Switch
TH-1: Thyratron
TR-1: Trigger Flip Flop
TR-4: Trigger Flip Flop
TR-5: Trigger Flip Flop
TR-11: Trigger Flip Flop

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