The worlds first commercially available 16-bit microcomputer, the DDP-116 was introduced in 1965 by CCC: Computer Control Company Inc. They were taken over by Honeywell in 1966. Only 200 DDP-116 computers were ever made. They are 2nd generation machines, using only discrete electronic components. No IC Chips. Slot in cards were used to perform logic functions.

Only 5 DDP-116 computers are known remain. In addition to ours, there is one at the Computer History Museum, and 3x at the 3C Legacy Projecy.

Also see Adrian Wises’ page on the Series-16 computers.

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  1. Pierre Reply

    Hi there,
    a very nice webpage with beautiful pictures of your DDP-116! Thanks for sharing this with the public! I came across your page while looking for some information on it because there was such a computer stored at our nuclear physics department of the university in Germany until 2004 before it was given to a private museum within Germany (not me). I love this machine and it meant a lot to me that it was not scrapped but given into good hands. In other words, there is at least another DDP-116 in existence in Europe in addition to your list of systems that are known to have survived.
    Is your system in operating condition?

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