The Commodore 64 came out in January 1982. It was an instant success, not just because of its $595 price tag, $1,550 (£1,200) in 2019, and certainly not because of its looks, but largely because there was an endless supply of games you could play on it.

The CPU was a MOS 6510 running at 1.023MHz for NTSC (US) or 0.985MHz for PAL (UK) video standard. It had 64k RAM and 20k ROM. There were also many additional items you could get. The expensive ones were a colour monitor, 5 1/4″ disc drives and printer. The cheaper ones were a joy stick or game pad.

The Commodore 64 shown here came in a games pack, including two joysticks and tape player, marketing aimed very much so on games.

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