The CES Ed-Lab 980 is an educational trainer, with an AMD 8085 CPU (copy of the Intel 8085) behind the scenes. As can be seen in the photos, the trainer consists of a huge array of inputs, outputs, test points, indicators and switches. The trainer allows the user to test and probe almost every point on the circuit in order to test theories and prove designs, or even learn how the system works.

Behind the huge array of connectors there is a pretty simple 8-bit microprocessor setup, exactly as you would find in an 8-bit home computer. The 8085 CPU is connected to an AMD 8279 Keyboard/display interface, an Intel 8155 2k Static RAM, and an Intel D8755 2k EPROM with 2x general-purpose 8-bit I/O ports.

Everything required to form a working 8-bit computer is provided. All you have to do is wire in the basics. Two 3-to-8 line decoders are provided for memory mapping. 10x switches and 10x LED’s are provided for input and outputs. A 24-key keypad provides a user input.

Unfortunetly no documentation exists for this logic trainer. I can only assume the EPROM holds a program monitor with BASIC or some other standard language.

Ed-Lab units can still be bought from Azimuth Aerospace Solutions.

Make & ModelCES Ed-Lab 980
GenerationLogic Trainer
CPUIntel 8085
Exhibit No.1350

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