AES Data Ltd is a Canadian company based in Montreal. The Alphaplus 14 was built in the early 1980s. It is a word processor, not designed to be used as a full computer. Very little is known about AES. As you can see from the photo, the machine has a printer built into the monitor.

3 thoughts on “AES Alphaplus 14

  1. N. Brown Reply

    No pictures of the back or expansion slots,
    So who knows if this one had the optional AES network card or the external remote storage option installed.
    Probably it is in the default configuration, ASCII rom Chip option installed for CP/M ? as needed on other models.

  2. J Jackson Reply

    My first job was installing these word processors. It only had a motherboard. Can’t remember the CPU type. There was an option for additional memory….maybe 64k. There was an option for a modem..very archaic. I only ever installed two. Printer was daisywheel printer and were notorious for printing garbage or ejecting paper midway thru printing. The replacement for it was the 7100 series

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