The Orac-1 was designed by the Tangerine Computer Systems under a new company name of Oric Products International Ltd. It is a simple 8-Bit computer, and is the predecessor to the Orac Atmos. The first thing you notice is how similar it is to the well-known ZX Spectrum, with the Orac computers designed to be direct competition.

Released 1st September 1982, and sold over 210,000 unit in 1983 between the UK and France. The Orac-1 cost £129 (16k RAM) or £169 (64k RAM) which is £460/£600 in 2020 ($610/$800).

Anyone who knows the ZX Spectrum will know how awful the keyboard is. The Orac-1’s best selling feature was the much-improved keyboard over the Spectrum, though as it turned out the improvement was only slight. This was sorted with the Orac Atmos.

The Orac-1 also contained a programmable sound chip, allowing for better sound reproduction while taking load off the CPU. Additional modem, printer and 3-inch floppy drive were available.

Make & ModelOrac-1
RAM & ROM16k ROM, 16k or 48k RAM
Power5V @ 600mA
Exhibit No.1328

Orac-1 Advert
Wireless World March 1983