The Datapoint 3600 is a terminal. They were introduced in June 1975 and cost $1,950, which is $9,320 in 2020 (£7,030). It was designed to work with a Datapoint Control system. A Terminal Printer was also available to connect to the 3600.

In 1978 there was an option to buy the model with a detatchable keyboard, which had to be ordered from the factory at an additional cost of $250. The 3600 could also be rented from Datapoint at a cost of $77 per month. Datapoint offered a maintenance cost of $20.

Computerworld 25th Sepember 1978 explains how eight Datapoint 3600 terminals, with printers, could be attached to one Datapoint Datashare 5500 Processor. These Processors could interface with each other around the world to form a common network, without the need for a centralised branch printer.

Sadly our Datapoint 3600 is in poor state of repair. Thankfully the CPU board appears to be ok, with only the anti-glare coating of the CRT and the keyboard steel work having taken a hit.

Make & ModelDatapoint 3600
Power115V AC
Exhibit No.1326