Many people have contributed to the Time-Line Computer Archive over the years of which we are eternally grateful. Any help is appreciated, whether it be making cups of tea, providing historical knowledge, helping out at the Unit, pointing us in the right direction or donating items and articles, all contributions are greatly appreciated. Below are just a handful of the hundreds, if not thousands of people who have helped over the years, and continue to give their support.

Peter Dick

Peter Dick has kindly dontated many items to the collection. These include, but not limited to, Digital pdp11/70, Digital VT05, Digital VT180, Digital pdp11/20, Decscope, Triumph SE1040, Digital PDP 11/83, Sperry RP03, Modular Technology’s Minimodem, Moore Reed TC301M, Celestix Aries, and many other items, along with video demonstrations and written articles.

Dave Richards

Thanks to Dave who has donated what remains of a English Electric Deuce which his father used to operate. Dave has also spent several days with the collection testing various exhibits.

Dave Dexter

Thanks to Dave who has donated the front panel from a Honeywell 716 computer going for scrap some years ago.

Gerard Rose

Thanks to Gerard Rose who has donated a Video Genie System and a box fill of LEO III cards.

George Nicholson

Thanks to George who has donated a Sinclair PC200 computer, and offered much needed knowledge.

Frank Lund

Thanks to Frank who has donated a Ferranti Pegasus computer card. Frank has also allowed us to aquire a Texas Instruments Systems Simulator B444, a fabulous Digital Flip Chip Module and a Digital pdp8/f computer.

Professor Peter McClintock

Thanks to Professor Peter McClintock of Lancaster University for donating two Nicolet systems.

Dr J Chalmers

Thanks to Dr J Chalmers for donating a HP 120 computer.

Culcheth High School

Nice addition to the Archive, kindly donated by Culcheth High School. Seven iMacs along with keyboards and mice.

Scottish Power

We would like to thank Scottish Power for donating these systems from their Inverkip Power Station. These included a Digital pdp11/40, Solartron / Schlumberger CPU Cubicle, Computek 300 CRT Terminal, a Digital pdp11/05, and some tape reader/punch units.

Paul Pearson

Big thank you to Paul Pearson (Ex Mayor of Wigton) for donating a Raspberry Pi to the Museum along with multiple items such as Keyboards, monitors, cabling, etc. These items will become valuable assets to the Museum as it develops.

Glasgow Life Museums

The following has been kindly donated by Glasgow Life Museums.

  • Ferranti CAM-X CAD System
  • Apollo DN330 Computer
  • DEC PDP11 Computer System
  • AES Alphaplus Computer
  • Benson Plotter Equipment
  • Hazeltine 4DTD Computer
  • Other Peripherals

Peter Johnson

Thanks to Peter Johnson for donating his collection of MacUser magazines along with a great deal of Apple memorabilia. It is the full collection of magazines dating from the first Issue July / August 1985 right through to 2000.

Mr R M Kerr

Thanks to Mr R M Kerr who has donated a Sharp MZ-80B with manuals and a Compukit UK101 along with other items.

Peak Computers

Peak Computers from Hartlepool were in touch to see if we would like to have some of the items they had collected over the years as they were closing their doors for the last time as a business. Peak Computers were established in 1984 and closed their doors in 2010, Pat & Eric (The proprietors) told us that over the 26 years they had seen many changes in the computer business, from the heady days of the Commodore 64 to days of infinite computer speed and memory. The Commodore PET and BBC Micro are just some of the items donated.

Tim Down

Tim of Pulse Photonics Ltd has kindly donated a Transdata 101 DD system. This is an extreamly rare early 4th generation computer, using the Intel 8008 CPU.

Robert Schneider

Robert has kindly donated an Apple II Plus computer.

Gary Gonnella

Gary has donated a Brunsviga 20 Calculating Machine

John Blankenbaker

John Blankenbaker has posted a signed photo of himself with his Kenbak-1 Computer.

Peter Duncan

Thanks to Peter Duncan who has donated several BBC Micro computers with doeumentation.

Mr & Mrs Wallis

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Wallis who have donated a Triumph Adler TA-1000 computer.

Mary Peckham

Thanks to Mary Peckham who has donated this Kaypro 2x along with user manuals and software.

Mr & Mrs Johnstone

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Johnstone for donating the Royal Litton 5-T Calculator, NatWest slim line Calculator and an Amstrad PCW9512.

Keswick Museum

These display cabinets were kindly donated by the Keswick Museum and Art Gallery

Mr Cook

Thanks to Mr Cook who has donated this BBC Micro model B, along with 36 issues of BBC Mirco user magazine.

Mrs Winterburn

We would like to thank Mrs Winterburn for donating electronic items which her late husband John Winterburn used for his work and hobbies. The Wireless World Magazines date from 1949 through to the 1990s. There must be hudreds of them. Wireless World Digital Computer had a special feature that ran for a number of months in 1967, a transistor base home build computer.

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