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Time-Line computer Archive Ltd is a not for profit company, our aim is to collect, restore and exhibit all types of early computers and electronics.

We hope that our website will give an insight to the development of computing and will help give inspiration to other people to collect rather than throw out historical electronics.

We also would like to make a record of peoples experiences of early Computing and Electronics primarily from Scotland and the North of England but also from Great Britain generally. If you have any Experiences of early computing or Electronics please don't hesitate to contact us.

Multiple System Donation

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Time-Line Computer archive Ltd would like to thank Scottish Power for donating these systems from their Inverkip Power Station.

Construction started at the Inverkip Power Station in 1970, as it was a Oil fired power station it was mothballed in 1988 largely down to the high price of fuel oil.

Scottish Power are now in the process of decommissioning the plant.

Click Read Article for the details on the systems donated to us.


Digital dec pdp11/40

This system has twin EMI SE8000 reel to reel units and paper tape input/output.

We are in the process of finding out the full range of duty's this system undertook, but we do know it was used for boiler Investigations.

The main heading of which are; Furnace Heat flux Data, Boiler Tube and Steam Temperature Data, Boiler Circulation Data and Boiler Performance Analysis Data.

We believe this Data was capable of being displayed on a Computek 300 CRT Terminal (as shown on the right)



Solartron / Schlumberger CPU Cubicle

This system was used as a Data logging unit its primary role was to Monitor Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Alarm inputs and other parameters from the power station.

The main computer in the cabinet is a Dec pdp 11/05 with extended Core memory.

Program input was via a Trend 500 paper tape reader and output via a Facit 4070 paper tape punch.


Trend HSR 500
Facit 3470 Paper Tape Punch